04 November 2013

Introducing Punk Somm

Life has been very busy for me lately and I have let my blog fall by the wayside. By popular demand I will be reviving it in a limited fashion. New food posts will continue to appear. Some will be in great detail like my past recipe posts. Others will be limited in scope but, hopefully, still informative to make it worth your hard earned time to read. And I have a new trick up my sleeve.
Also by popular demand I will now be hosting wine tastings. These are designed to be educational events. We will discuss various topics including, but not limited to, selecting wine for drinking now and for aging, tasting wine, and pairing wine with food for any occasion. We will also focus on specific regions so that we may all better understand the world of wine. Tastings will be limited to 8 participants. Please keep checking back for the details on the first class to happen in December 2013, just in time for your holiday wine shopping.
If you would like to enroll in the inaugural class please contact me through my email, punkchef69@gmail.com, for more information regarding time, venue, class focus, and cost. All classes will take place in Austin, Texas. If a class is already full then I will inform you via email and give you the choice of being on the waiting list for the next available class. I hope to see you there. Cheers!


  1. Glad to see you writing again. My blog has fallen by the wayside too. I plan on jumping back on it again soon but for now just don't have time or desire.

  2. Thought I'd lost this blog link. Wanting to make some bread this week... Mostly so my house smells yummy, but also so I dip into olive oil.