01 June 2011

Picture Blog

Psst...hey, you. Wanna see something really cool? Check this out.

Put the tray in the freezer while you do the next steps.
This is chocolate frosting and black food coloring.


Starburst Fruit Chews.

Nuke the chocolate frosting for about 45 seconds, stirring.


Thin Chocolate Cookies.

Now it starts to get really fun.

Vanilla Frosting.

Mini Chocolate Chips.

One last dot of frosting.

Pretty cool, huh? This book has all kinds of fun ideas and handy tips. It take patience and practice if you have not done anything like this before. Persevere.


  1. omg you are soooo patient. i love these! if i had had these earlier this year, i know the penguins would have gotten further in the stanley cup playoffs!

  2. So cute! Love the pics showing your process. I think my adult ADD would make me not want to complete the project. Once you put on the black frosting, I thought you were going with some sort of Darth Vader cupcake.

  3. Dude those turned out amazing! When do we get a Dementor?